Tilly a young Labrador/Collie Cross, bitch came to Man’s Best Friend at the beginning of 1999.

Tilly came from a very caring family of animal lovers and it was a very difficult decision for them to re-home her. Tilly was one of a number of animals which included horses, chickens, cats, and another much older dog

Tillys’ home was on a small holding and there was an abundance of space for her. Although this seems ideal it was probably part of her downfall. She was able to give full rein to her hunting instincts and energies, which eventually led to her killing a number of chickens.  Shortly after obviously in a very agitated and over stimulated state she carried out a severe attack on the older and smaller dog belonging to the family.  Fearing for the safety of the older dog the family contacted Man’s Best Friend.

Some basic training had already been carried out with Tilly and this was a foundation on which to build. Much of the process with this young bitch involved creating a regime that was far more controlled overall than she had been used to. Contrary to her previous behaviour, Tilly actually has a very soft and affectionate nature.

Tilly has now been successfully been re-homed with her new owner Lisa and are both besotted with each other. Lisa continues to observe the format that has been laid down for Tilly and I am happy to say that they are going from strength to strength.