Thistle, an English Springer Spaniel, came to Man’s Best Friend when she was 5 years old, she had previously been owned by a family with young children, Thistle had bitten one of the children, and unfortunately, had to be found a new home.

Thistle was quite reserved when she came in for rescue, although she had a nice temperament, she was a little difficult, and rather stubborn during training, eventually Thistle settled down.

Thistle was with us for 6 months, and during that time three new homes were found for her, the first two homes were just not meant to be, but Thistle was to be lucky with the third, and on the 28th November 1998, Thistle went to her new home, with mum Jo, dad Pete and their Dalmatian Max.

Thistle is having regular training lessons with her new family, and is doing really well, another Man’s Best Friend success story…