Tara the very attractive GSD has been with MBF for 15 months when she was recently re-homed with Rowena and Robert.  Already having two male GSD's Quincy and Brecca, Rowena and Robert wanted to offer a home to a rescue dog but thought a different breed might be in order.  However, Brecca thought otherwise.  The tension between him and Steffi (another one of our rescue dogs), which had caused doubts about her being the right bitch to keep the two boys 'in order' continued to cause anxiety.  

Chaz suggested that Tara might fit in better, and she has!  Tara moved in full-time last month and seeing her, it is difficult to imagine that she has ever lived anywhere else despite her 15 months in kennels.  Tara came to MBF because her family were unable to cope with her few behavioural problems.  The training and care she received during her long stay has brought out her friendly nature and she is clearly delighted with her new home and family.