It has always been MBF's policy to endeavour to place rescue dogs in their most suitable situation.  Nine times out of ten this will involve finding homes with families, which whom the dog in question seems to click so easily into place that it is hard to imagine him or her in any other situation (or even family!)  Some dogs have a need and potential for something different.  A recent case in question was Harry, whose career with Lincolnshire Police is proving to be a very successful placement for all concerned.

A more difficult case was Steffi the Rottweiller who had been in MBF's care for some time.  Several families had worked with Steffi, but she always displayed such dominant tendencies that it was finally decided that she would benefit from a more specialist placement.  Although more difficult to find, Chaz used his contacts and found Steffi an ideal home as a companion-guard dog at an industrial unit.  (With one man and his other dog.)

Steffi underwent some additional training to suit her placement and has been at her new home for three months now.  All parties are very content so once again; another MBF rescue dog has been successfully re-homed.