Pippa, a small Bedlington cross, came to Man’s Best Friend in July 1997, when she was 1 year old, her owners had to move house, and could not take Pippa with them, although it was a difficult decision, Pippa had to be re-homed.

Pippa was a friendly, but lively little dog, she associate well with other dogs, but her problem was running off, so she had a lot of long line training, and participated in many of the associations group training classes.

Pippa was found a new home in August 1997, with mum Tracey and Carl, and their other dog Jack, a Border Collie. Pippa settled in very well, and although she damaged the flowers in the garden whilst running around with Jack, Pippa behaved herself, long line training with Pippa continued, and she attended several training classes with mum and dad…

Another success story, well done Pippa and her new family, all the best for the future.