Norman a Rhodesian Ridgeback came to Man's Best Friend in March 1999 when he was 1 year old. Due to domestic problems, with his owners, Norman had to be re-homed, a difficult decision to make for his family. Norman was a large, friendly dog, ok with people, although he was very headstrong, over-sexed and quite excitable when he was around other dogs.

During his stay with us here at Man's Best Friend, Norman was castrated, and, once he had recovered from his operation, Norman's intense training program began. He was extremely head strong, coupled with the fact that he was a large powerful breed of dog, also having reached that adolescent stage which we associate with being bull-headed, meant that his training was no easy task.

Norman's training was quite a lengthy task, working with such a strong willed and powerful dog required our utmost concentration, but gradually he started to become quite controllable and obedient. With his new level of control, and his castration, his oversexed and excitable behaviour around other dogs became less.

Norman was eventually re homed in August 1999, with his new owners Simon and Caroline, who had already adopted one of our rescue dogs in September 1998 named Harley.

Due to the extensive training Norman underwent, and also the previous training and experience of his new owners, it was possible for us to re-home Norman with another dog and they now are the best of friends and get on famously.

All credit due to Simon and Caroline for all the hard work and dedication. Best wishes for the future.