Keyra, a medium sized Border Collie cross, came to Man’s Best friend, in December 1997, when she was 8 months old, she was much loved by her owner, but due to circumstances beyond her control, Keyra had to be re-homed. She was a wonderful character, with a lovely temperament, and she was more than willing to please during training. Even though she was in full season, when she came to us at Man’s Best Friend, nothing phased her.

Keyra went through three months of training, and in February 1998, a new home was found for her. Over a few weeks she was phased into her new family, consisting of another dog, a Border Terrier called Toby, dad Keith, mum Nicola and baby Emma (2 years old).

Keyra and her mum attend training classes regularly, both Keyra and mum especially enjoy the agility classes. Keyra and her family are all doing well. Congratulations to them all, another success story!