Jazzy, a small to medium cross breed, came to Man’s Best Friend in February 1997, when he was 5 years old, from a family with five children. Unfortunately Jazzy had to be re-homed as one of the children had developed asthma, and the Doctor said Jazzy had to go. Jazzy was loved very much, and his family found letting him go very difficult. Jazzy was a reserved dog, had lots of character, and was so willing to please. Jazzy was with Man’s Best Friend for about six months, and during that time we found him to be quite over-sexed, so we had him castrated. Jazzy had achieved a very high standard of obedience in the six months we had him, we had all grown very fond of him, but we were happy for him when we found him a new home.

On the 20th August 1997, Jazzy went to his new home, and settled in with Elizabeth and her three children, and her other dog Berry (a Black Lab Collie cross).  Jazzy is doing very well, he initially came to training classes, and has had a couple of training sessions at home, but they are all doing very well, Jazzy is probably in his element as he loves children.

All the best to Jazzy and his new family, another Man's Best Friend success story.