Dusty, a medium sized black Labrador dog, came to us at Man’s Best Friend in July 1997, when he was 1 year old. Both his owners worked full time, and Dusty began to chew, it was decided that Dusty needed to be re-homed.

Dusty was a mild mannered chap, eager to please, but wilful, and so training began. Dusty took to training very well, and was a pleasure to be with, he was a very affectionate dog, but after a couple of weeks training we noticed Dusty began to loose weight, staying at the kennels long term was beginning to upset him. As a home was found for Dusty as soon as he came in for rescue, we decided to place him with his new family quicker than normal. Dusty’s new owners knew he had a chewing problem, but had decided to take him on, as his new mum Chris would be home all day most days, Dusty would also have a companion, another black Labrador called Umpty, we knew as soon as Dusty met his new family, it was meant to be. On the 3rd August 1997, Dusty went to his new home, with mum Chris and dad Bert and Umpty, and he was left to settle in for a week.

Dusty had a few training sessions at home, there was not a problem in sight, except the day he stole food from the work top in the kitchen, he never chewed, and seemed to be fitting in very well, he even began to put his weight back on, Dusty went from strength to strength, this must be down to the extra T.L.C that Dusty was getting from mum and dad.

All the best in the future, to Dusty and his new family.