Daisy the St Bernard had been a reject, being returned to her breeder after just a few months in her first home.  She was then too old to be re-homed as a pup, and had to come to share her home with a group of 5 dogs, including 3 other bitches.  Despite efforts by the family to curb the behaviour, Daisy had become increasingly aggressive towards the smallest bitch in the household, a Westie.  A serious attack prompted Daisy's family to ask Man's Best Friend to re-home her urgently.

Daisy came to MBF in June, she had a high level of training in the past, but her recurrent behaviour needed to be dealt with.  She also had a torn nail on one paw, which required treatment.  This had seemed to be healing well when she tore it again, the infection associated with this second trauma led to the vet's decision to amputate the whole toe, rather than risk any further complications. The surgery entailed Daisy spending extra time under MBF's care whilst recuperating.

Rita introduced Anna to MBF and 'badgered' her into meeting Daisy.  The loss of Anna's previous dog had left a void she hadn't yet thought of filling.  Anna's initial meeting with Daisy was a great success, and training before and after surgery meant they had plenty of time to get to know each other.  Daisy was finally fit enough to move into her new home in October.  Anna and Daisy are enjoying having daily walks and going to their twice weekly MBF classes.

Apart from Daisy's snoring waking up the household occasionally, she has settled in beautifully with the whole family.