Charlie a 1 year old Bearded Collie dog came to Man’s Best Friend on 7th June 1999. Charlie’s family reluctantly had to re-home him as he had started to show aggression towards other dogs whilst out on his walks, when his owners attempted to bring him under control, this aggression was then turned towards them. This was particularly worrying, as they feared for the safety of their daughter. It was therefore imperative that Man’s Best Friend carried out an intense behavioural programme as well as general training to modify Charlie’s behaviour. When this had been done we took great pains to find the right home for Charlie.

Extensive training for his new owners was very important, if his old behavioural traits were not to come back to the fore. On the 28th November 1999, Charlie finally went to his new home.  We must congratulate his new owners John and Marion for the way they undertook the necessary steps and training, which has allowed them to give Charlie a loving, stable and happy new home. Bearing in mind this was an extreme situation, John and Marion have done, and are continuing to do exceptionally well, Charlie and his new mum and dad are going from strength to strength.