Carly a 3yr old Belgium Shepherd bitch, came under the care of Man’s Best Friend in early January 1999. We had already had previous experience of Carly, whilst training her for her owner.

Unfortunately due to the demands of a quickly growing business and also a change in personal circumstances, it became impossible for Carlys’ owner to maintain the high standard of training that had previously been achieved. This energetic and very exuberant young bitch required a great deal of stimulation, which with the best will in the world, her owners where unable to provide. Sadly Carlys’ behaviour deteriorated.

Carly began to show protective tendencies and would feel the need to guard her owner. This of course was not ideal, when the person on the receiving end, was more often than not, a valued customer, of the now growing business. This led to Carly being restricted. Coupled with the frustration, of not being with her owner and a certain amount, of pent up energy she turned her attention, to what ever was at hand and started to cause damage to her owner’s property.

When Carly was introduced, back into a training environment, with Man’s Best Friend, she very quickly settled. As her previous training and conditioning was refreshed, she became very calm and manageable.

Because of her previous training, Carly was very soon ready for re-homing. We found Carly a wonderful new owner in the shape of Chris Steel. A very experienced dog owner, who has previously had rescue dogs. She was extremely diligent, with regard to the re-homing and training process, she undertook with Carly.

Chris is devoted to Carly and continues to train and keep her stimulated on a daily basis, with the result that Carly is as equally devoted to her and is a happy, calm and well adjusted companion to Chris.

This has been another very successful pairing, all at Man’s Best Friend, wish Chris and Carly all the best for the future for what we are sure will be a long and happy life together.