Candy, a very small Springer Spaniel came to us at Man’s Best Friend in April 1998, when she was just 5 months old. Candy was with a young family with two small children and due to her nervous nature had growled at members of the family and bitten one of the children, although her family loved her very much, she had to be re-homed.

Candy was really scared of almost everything, and so training began, very carefully, as she was only a baby. We introduced her to other dogs, people, vehicles and everything else we could think of, when confronted with another dog, Candy would show her teeth and snap, we quickly put a stop to this, and once she found that nothing was going to happen to her, she began to settle, and accept things, all sorts of things, more readily, and eventually would go for walks with a number of dogs at once…

Candy was with Man’s Best Friend for two and a half months, and in June 1998, we found her a new home, with mum Pat and dad John, we noticed on first meeting, this was the family Candy was waiting for, Pat and John had children, but they had grown up, and had children of their own, so they did have grandchildren, although they were aware of Candy’s past problem, they still wanted to take Candy on. Candy had settled down during training, and now has a different view of children, she gets on well with the grandchildren, and has settled in very well, she is fortunate to live in Willingham Woods, and enjoys long walks with her dad, as he said to us, keeping him very fit, Candy comes to classes regularly with her dad, and is doing really well.

Congratulations to Pat, John and Candy, and all the best for the future.