When my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted a dog, we started to trawl through the many rescue kennel websites and began visiting kennels in our area. There were so many sad faces that needed new homes that we realised it was   going   to  be  harder   to   choose  a companion than we first thought, that is until one little, or should I say big, face appeared  on  my  computer screen!

I  stumbled across Man's Best Friend website and saw the little picture of Zorba. I immediately printed out his picture and took it home to show my boyfriend. We both decided that he was exactly what we were looking for and I rang up Chaz Worrall and left a message saying that we wanted to re-home him and asking if he was still available!

It was a couple of days later when Sue Grace gave me a call and asked if we were still interested in Zorba - one simple answer - 'YES!'.  We arranged to first meet him and Sue in Hartsholme Park where we instantly fell in love with him. I remember, as we were saying our goodbyes and got into the car Zorba was looking behind him as if to say ''Where are you going?!''.

The next weekend Zorba came over for a home visit and we were all pleased to see him settle straight away and actually start to fall asleep in the living room. The weekend after we decided to try a whole day with him. The day turned into a weekend and after a phone call from Sue on the Sunday we decided to keep him for good!

Now, after Zorba being resident for about 7 weeks with us, his personality is really starting to shine through. He has perfected the art of stubbornness and will sit defiantly in the garden as we scream for  him to come inside. He will just look at you with his big grumpy looking face and blink his puppy dog eyes! He loves his long walks around the quarry near our house and, although never ever dips his toes in the water, will always have a drink from the stream.

He has become quite a celebrity in the area with kids coming up to stroke him saying ''Oh I love your dog!''. Zorba's mind is driven by food. He will do absolutely anything for a treat, which is  very  good  when  training  but sometimes annoying when out for a walk!

Zorba's exploits include: bread buns, mouldy sandwiches, burgers, ice cream and even a rock.  He is my second hoover around the house, if I spill some food on the floor I just call Zorba in! He loves his home comforts. He is not happy if he doesn't have any cuddles and tickles and is  known  to  voice  his  opinion! At  night  time  he usually puts himself to bed but won’t settle without his polo - of which we keep a stash in the cupboard!

He is a smiley face to greet us when we come in from work every day, he is our walking buddy around the streets and fields and he is our guard dog for us when we're out but best of all he is simply loveable Zorba.

Written by
Kristy Hill
(Zorba's new Mum)