Woody a Lurcher that was once a street dog from Hull, found himself rescued from death row in a dog pound in Hull by Alex from Alexaine Home from Home Kennels. On the day that he arrived in Lincoln, he was lucky that Chaz was there when he was taken out of the van, Chaz thought that Woody had kind eyes, and as he knew that Sarah and Guy were looking for that special dog, he immediately got onto the phone and passed on a message to Sarah and Guy via Pat and Bruce, announcing that the dog they were looking for had arrived in Lincoln.

On a cold February morning, Chaz introduced Woody to his new owners at Hartsholme Park. Without a doubt, on first meeting Woody, they knew that he was the dog for them and off he went to his new loving home.

It was a difficult time for Woody and his new family, as it became apparent that this was the first time that he had ever lived in a home, and that he had never been housetrained. With a lot of patience from his new Mum and Dad, he has managed to overcome quite a few hiccups, including a few altercations with his uncle Brecken over a ragger, which resulted in a couple of trips to the vets.

Woody eventually settled down after training sessions with Mum, Dad and Chaz, and was now at his happiest, in a loving family home.

Yet another successful rescue between MBF and Alexaine Home from Home Kennels.