Seamus Finnigan, named by his new family's children (Jo and Sam) after a character in their favourite Harry Potter books, met his new family after Sue, Pete, Jo, and Sam decided they still had space to give a stray the chance of a good home.

Finding the right dog was important because he had to fit in with as little disruption as possible, family life is very busy, not only because of Jo's problems but Sam is severely Autistic and can't speak. On their first meeting Seamus knew he was that dog, clambering into the car and onto Jo's knee, he wouldn't budge, as Sue said it was more of him choosing us.

Seamus was taken into the care of MBF from the band of rescue dogs Alexaine Home from Home Kennels regularly collect from dog pounds, saving so many unfortunate dogs from death row. Seamus had spent 2 years without people and has had to be introduced to the full array of everyday but seemingly alarming household tools and appliances. Still he is one smart cookie and learned a lot by copying the two Great Danes Fergus and Tolley. Not that he is overly impressed with them; Sue thinks that he finds them boring, as they do not have his energy or agility. The only game Seamus doesn't win is tug of war!

Sue has always had dogs, but loves Great Danes, they are not called gentle giants for nothing, and they make ideal family dogs. Pete sent their first Great Dane Fergus to Chaz for residential training, Jo has cerebral palsey and Chaz trained Fergus to walk alongside Jo's wheelchair. After training Fergus was such a pleasure to own that pretty soon their second Great Dane Tolley joined the family and continued the training tradition with Chaz. When they decided another dog wouldn't make life any harder, Seamus was the one that fitted the bill.

A successful rehoming yet again, Seamus is very happy at his new home thanks to the joint venture between MBF and Alexaine Home from Home Kennels.