Sam an exuberant Golden Retriever, found himself as a stray in the Newark area, scavenging for food and existing on the 'Wild' side of life.  Someone took pity on him and placed him in Retriever Rescue.  We don’t know much about his history but his connection with Man's Best Friend started when member's Chris and Vikki heard of his plight and being partial to the breed, offered Sam a home. Sam has a tremendous zest for life, almost to a fault, and a desperate eagerness to please everyone.

Due to pack rivalry, Sam had a tough time, the other dog in the family Barney became jealous if Sam got attention from Vikki or the bitch in the family, and Sam found himself being attacked, on a regular basis.  His new family were reluctant to part with Sam but they could not let the situation continue so they contacted Chaz.

Phil saw Sam when Chaz brought him to one of the MBF training classes.  He liked his character and his enthusiasm for life; he seemed to get on well with other dogs and with people.  Phil wanted a companion to go to work with him, to train to track for missing people.

Now Phil had other dogs, so Sam had to go to Phil's house to meet the other three dogs, they all got on famously.  Phil knew that he could channel Sam's enthusiasm, and utilise his exuberance and desperate desire to please to good use as a search dog.

Sam has settled into the King household; he has two hours a week of obedience training, an hour of search training, workdays supervising Phil, and has now started at the Sunday Agility Classes quite a full life really, and Sam loves every minute of it.

Phil is getting good results with Sam, a real credit to his hard work and training skills.  His first attempt at agility was also a great success.  Phil says “I'm learning a lot about dogs and handling, it's most enjoyable.  Thanks Chaz!!”