Rusty a 5 year old Springer Spaniel is one of MBF's recently re-homed dogs.  He came into MBF's care earlier this year because he had started to become aggressive towards the smaller dog in the family.  Although Rusty was a slightly older dog, he had the personality and good looks to appeal to any number of people looking to re-home a dog.  Once Rusty was accepted as one of MBF's rescue dogs, he underwent the usual check over, and had his own personal training regime to suit.  In Rusty's case this was to simply tighten up his obedience and control.  He is a very lively dog who needs to be well controlled.

Rusty has really fallen on his paws after a few initial problems with his re-homing, he has eventually been given a loving home with Sue Grace as many of you would know Sue is an MBF training instructor who as it happens was instrumental in the training of Rusty during his time with MBF.

Rusty is very happy with his new family, and has gone from strength to strength.  As you might expect his on going training is more than being taken care of.  One of the initial considerations for Sue was that of integrating Rusty with the family pet cat.  This she did very successfully and Rusty is now in a family consisting of children, three other dogs and a cat who all co-exist extremely well.