Oscar a long haired German Shepherd Dog, came to Man’s Best Friend in September 1998, when he was 2 ½  years old, his mum was moving house and was unable to take him with her, and sadly Oscar had to be re-homed, a difficult decision for anyone to make! Oscar was just a wonderful character, very laid back, and such a gentleman, he was very easy to train and was accepting of all situations.

Oscar was with us for 4 weeks, when we found him a new home, and on the 17th October 1998, Oscar went to his new home, with mum Pat, dad Bruce and their family, and their two dogs Tess and Rufus. Oscar has settled in extremely well.

Oscar is having regular training sessions, with mum Pat, dad Bruce, Tess and Rufus, and is doing really well.

Another Man's Best Friend success story, well done to Oscar and his new family, and all the best for the future.