I got a 7mth old GSD x Husky puppy from the dog pound, he had severe fear aggression. The first trainer we had said he should be pts. A friend recommended Chaz, we had one to ones & were gradually integrated into the classes & haven't looked back. We now do classes with Sue at Kingsthorpe, which we both enjoy. Oscar is working towards his gold good citizens award, does agility & CaniX, without Chaz & his team he wouldn't be here now

Tracy & Oscar

Having been owned by Mossie, our 4 year old Border Collie, for 8 months, the phone call to Sue of Man’s Best Friend was a call of desperation and a last throw of the dice for us. We took him on from a rescue centre, with no history of what had happened to him. For 8 months we had endured him biting family members, attacking dogs, and barking / growling / snarling at anything that had four legs. We had tried our own training methods, attended other dog classes and acted on advice from other people, but nothing seemed to work. It was at the stage where dog walkers on the estate would turn and walk away from us, rather than face the onslaught they knew would be coming. The final straw came when he snapped at a family member for no apparent reason.

After discussing the training options with Sue and Chaz, we decided to go for the Residential Training. Throughout the training, we received regular updates about the progress Mossie was making. We were even sent video footage of him walking to heel in and around other dogs with no reaction.  Despite all of the positive feedback we had received during the training, it is still hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes.  

Upon completion of the Residential Training Sue arranged to meet us.  From the moment she got him out of the car, his whole demeanour had changed. As she got him out, she also got her own dog out of the car. The fact that both dogs were stood next to each other and Mossie hadn’t reacted was nothing short of a miracle in our eyes! We watched Sue walk around the park for a while, passing several dogs, squirrels, geese and anything else that he had previously wanted to attack. It really is not an exaggeration when we say we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

The follow up support that we have received from Sue and the team at Man’s Best Friend has been fantastic.  People on the estate are still stopping us and saying they can’t believe he is the same dog and what a difference they can see.

We are certainly very grateful for what Sue and the team have done for Mossie and for us. The behaviour that she has taught him is above and beyond anything that we expected.


Rather than fearing having to lose Mossie because he had attacked too many people and dogs, we are now looking forward to the rest of his life and all of the exciting things that we can now do with him. I think it’s safe to say that we now own a delightful, calm, loving and well behaved 4 year old Border Collie called Mossie.

Nick, Rachel & Mossie

Chaz Worrall and his team were friendly and helpful, I was so surprised that my dog was walking on the lead after a few pointers, needless to say that i have enrolled us in the dog training classes for me and my dog Alfie,we are learning so much, if your looking for a dog trainer that knows his stuff, go and see Chaz at Whisby Garden Centre, Lincoln

John & Alfie