Initially, Neo had come to Chaz for residential training owing to him being very aggressive with other dogs.  This aggressive behaviour made him difficult to handle, particularly for the lady of the house.

Neo underwent extensive training with Chaz and was at an off the lead standard when he returned to his family.  Unfortunately, it was not possible for the family to handle Neo as was necessary to maintain this level of training and very reluctantly he was handed over to 'Man's Best Friend' for re-homing.

I got involved with Neo at this point and continued to work with him, both at the kennels and at the park.  He was going to be a difficult dog to re-home with his past history and various options were explored during the time he was with us (almost a year) relating to guard type work.

However, Neo's knight in shining armour was to visit 'Alexiane Home From Home Kennels' where Neo was kennelled, in the form of Steve Paton.  Steve had wanted a dog for some time and a move to a house with a large garden in a rural location, seemed the ideal time to look for one.

He was passing the kennels and on the off-change of there being a dog that fitted the bill, he called in.  He described the premises he has and that he was interested in a companion/guard dog.  It sounded absolutely ideal for Neo.  The two were introduced and all went well.

After a home check, I was really excited that we may have found the ideal spot for Neo.  I took Neo over on two occasions and then we both agreed that we would leave him overnight as he would get to meet Steve's 6 year old daughter, who visits very regularly.  This went well too.

Neo had not had an issue before with people, only dogs!  From that point on, he stayed with Steve.  Three months down the line, and everything is going really well.  Neo has the best of both worlds: a fantastic outhouse all of his own, and a wonderful garden to run and play in.

There have been one or two minor teething troubles, but Steve has been very consistent in the way he has dealt with Neo, and he is fulfilling the role he was chosen for... and more.

I visited Steve and Neo again just recently.  The quiet, cam situation could not be better for Neo.  He looks fantastic and is obviously very happy.  Neo has found his perfect match!

Written by
Sue Grace