Rita, whom many of you will know as one of Man's Best Friend's trainers, has acquired a new training partner called Max.  The big black beautiful German Shepherd Dog is just 10 months old, and is one of MBF's latest rescue dogs.

Max's previous family had contacted MBF with a view to putting him on the rescue waiting list, but Chaz felt that Rita and Max would be a perfect match.  Both Rita and Chaz had remembered Max from his spell of residential training a few months earlier.

Having recently lost a much loved dog, Rita agreed to offer Max a fresh start; she even went to collect him from his previous owners.  The family were splitting up and the stress involved had a knock on effect on Max, he had lost a lot of weight and his zest for life.

Max came into rescue with us here at Man's Best Friend in August, spent several weeks at the kennels, where he put on weight, many thanks to Elderberry Kennels for all the hard work with Max. Most of his training regime was carried out by Rita, and finally Max moved into his new home with Rita on October 7th, he began to find his feet, and learnt all about the fun and pleasure that comes with learning to play with toys and the wonderful things called 'treats'.

With a spot of MBF magic from Rita, he will be a model citizen - thanks to Rita and all her hard work.