Man's Best Friend General Info

Man's Best Friend Rescue and Training Association is a unique dog rescue organisation, in that it places a great deal of emphasis on aspects of dog rescue and re-homing that other organisations would not necessarily take into consideration in quite the same way.

As a Matter of Course Man's Best Friend will:

Where possible obtain a detailed history of each dog that comes under it's care.
Carry out a full assessment with regard to each dogs behaviour past conditioning and training, if any.
Take steps to rectify any behavioural problems that are present.
Give each dog sound basic training.

Obtain detailed information from each potential adopter of a dog from Man's Best Friend.

Take great pains to match the profile of dog and potential new owner, ensuring each dog is re-homed in a situation that is best suited for that dog.

Anyone adopting one of our dogs is given the utmost consideration with regard to their own requirement and individual situation.

Give full training and instruction to anyone adopting a dog from Man's Best Friend.

Give ongoing support and back up after a dog has gone to his or her new home.

In addition to the above activities carried out by Man's Best Friend all the more conventional activities associated with animal welfare are carried out.  The giving of immediate shelter, all appropriate veterinary treatment and associated care.

So How Did All This Come About?

As an instructor at the Royal Air Force Dog Training School I became acutely aware of the large number of dogs that were causing their owners problems. The fortunate ones being those taken into the RAF. Often previously negative traits could be channelled. Those dogs would go on to live happy and fulfilling lives.

As a civilian instructor working with members of the public, a large percentage of the problem dogs that I would have to deal with, were dogs that had been adopted by their present owners from a variety of rescue organisations.  It all too often became painfully obvious that the reason their new family member was in a rescue home in the first place, was because of their behavioural problems.  The organisations that re-home these dogs do a marvellous job but are often not geared up, or simply do not have the resources to do more than care for and re-home the dogs they deal with as quickly as they can.

People taking on a rescue dog, do so with the best of intentions, and it is often a heart breaking situation when their new family member quickly becomes a renegade. After coming across this sort of situation on numerous occasions, it became obvious to me that a dog rescue organisation that would address these problems at source as part of it's every day operations, would be providing a very valuable service for both dog and potential owner.

The Philosophy Behind Man's Best Friend

If when looking at the Man's Best Friend logo you see a striking resemblance to the Chinese yin yang symbol, this is by no means a coincidence. The yin yang is symbolic of many things, two of these being unity and interdependence.

This is how Man's Best Friend and I myself regard our relationship with the dog, that being one of interdependence and unity.

The man / dog relationship is a truly symbiotic pairing that has evolved over countless years. We would be truly arrogant to believe that dogs actually belong to us. Rather we co-exist together and both derive great mutual benefits from this relationship.

With this philosophy in mind we place equal importance upon both the people and the dogs that we deal with, and are not pre-disposed to prioritise one over the other.

Where Are We Now

At the time of writing, Man's Best Friend is approaching three years of age. We are enjoying a steadily increasing membership which currently stands at about three hundred.

We are rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing many dogs that other wise would have, in many instances, found themselves in a variety of unfortunate predicaments.

In the three years since the founding of the Association we have only had one dog returned to us.  This being due to a child in the dogs new home developing asthma.  This dog has since been successfully re-homed and been in that new home for over a year now.

One of the reasons for the success of Man's Best Friend is that the Association has been built upon the solid foundation of an already successful dog training and behavioural business.

What Man's Best Friend Can Offer !  

As well as our unique approach to rescue and re-homing we also offer a number of professional services to the public.

These Include:

Several Group Training Classes based at the moment in the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire regions.

Individual Tuition (one-to-one training with an instructor).

Residential Training - your dog comes to stay with us and is professionally trained.  You are given training with the dog once the dog is trained.

Behavioural Consultations - in depth professional analysis of your dogs' behaviour.

Man's Best Friend Members and Supporters

Many of the Associations members are satisfied clients who have used our professional services and by becoming members have taken advantage of the attractive discounts on our services and also the products and services of a large number of businesses that give us their support by offering these discounts to our members.