Maggie Moo


Maggie, originally a rescue from Alexaine Home from Home Kennels, was taken under the Man's Best Friend wing, and fortunately was not in rescue kennels for long.  She was only approximately 6 months when she came into rescue, we have no idea why she ended up in a rescue situation, she looks very much like a Tibetan Terrier, has the sweetest nature, and was just the ticket for Rachel, Rick, Alex, Tabitha and Polly, it became apparent on first meeting her that this was the dog for them.

Rachel already had a Cocker Spaniel called Polly, and she had been looking for another dog to add to her family, they had looked at other rescue dogs, none of whom fitted the bill, the most important consideration was that the new dog would be ok with her 2 year old daughter Tabitha, and Polly.  Fortunately Maggie, Polly and Tabitha got on together like a house on fire.

Over some weeks Maggie was integrated into the Waller family, she spent many days at Rachel's family home.  We made sure that Maggie had all her vaccinations, worming, microchip, etc, and finally once she was spayed and had her stitches removed she moved into Rachel's home permanently.

Rachel, Maggie, Polly and Tabitha visit Hartsholme Park daily for walks, they also go to dog training classes at Whisby, when she is old enough Maggie will be attending Agility classes with Rachel at Whisby on Sunday mornings.  

It's nice to see that yet again MBF have successfully paired another rescue dog within a loving and caring home.  Many thanks go out to all our members, without their support we would not be able to help these rescue dogs in need.