Jake a 4 month old Boxer pup had moved in with his second home, newly rescued by a young family who thought it would be good for the children to have a puppy. Within the first month of rehoming him his new family contacted Chaz enrolling Jake for a residential training course.

Jake was boisterous when he arrived for his training, but he had a good nature, and was nothing but an ordinary untrained exuberant pup. Chaz kept Jake a bit longer than the usual three weeks, so that he could take things a bit more leisurely, he got to know Jake really well, when he went home Jake's mum was really happy with the well trained pup. However, before the first week at home had passed, Jake was said to have growled at the baby, and the family wanted to rehome him. When children are involved, chances cant be taken, and Jake came into the care of MBF, looking for his third home.

Chaz knew of the perfect home for Jake, it was Sylvia and Mike who had another 2 year old Boxer called Troy. Troy had come to Chaz earlier for residential training, so it seemed the right home, as both new owners and pup had undergone training. Because of this there was no reason why Jake could not go to his new home straight away.

Just 5 days after Jake's arrival in his new home, Mike broke his ankle, nothing to do with the dogs we are told, both of the dogs kept Mike amused whilst he recovered.

Jake's new home is close to Hartsholme Park in Lincoln and they can all be seen taking advantage of the area, taking lots of walks interspersed with training, and now Jake is settled and is old enough he comes to our Agility classes on a Sunday morning.