We started looking for a new dog when our old one, Syrus died. Originally we were going to get a puppy, we already had Reba; a German Shepherd Dog who was 2. We surfed the internet enquiring about golden retrievers as I had always wanted one. they are nice, gentle and calm.  Then we saw Inca, she looked so funny with her 'painted' eyebrows, it was like she was saying 'take me home!'

Poor Inca had been in kennels for about 9 months when we first met her. We couldn't believe that no one wanted her so we decided to give her a home as Syrus had also been rescue dog.  The second time we met her we had to take Reba along too to meet Chaz as well as Sue. Reba who is usually calm was on her worst hooligan behaviour! She dragged Geoff along leaping and twisting about and totally ignoring us!

Sue and Chaz said we would need to some training with both dogs before they would consider letting us adopt Inca. Chaz said ideally he would like Geoff to be able to walk Inca and Reba together at the same time in a calm manner, fat chance of that we thought! We were thinking that we would have to get a puppy instead on Inca but when we got home we could not get Inca out of or heads so we went back to Sue for some training and joined Chaz's training with both dogs and owners.  We had been training about 10 years previously with Chaz with Syrus.

Inca's favourite part of training was the gravy bones we used to hide in our pockets! She would stare intently at them as if she knew they were there! Every time we had to go home and leave her it was a wrench. A few times she wanted to follow us back into the van with Reba, it was so sad leaving her.

Inca now lives with us and we can both take them out together on our own if needs be which we never thought would happen. Their favourite walk is up to Silk Willoughby or running around the woods. Reba is now 2 1/2 and Inca is about 2 1/4 and they are known by several names- double trouble, terrible two, pair of hooligans, you get the picture! Sometimes even good girls!

Our grass is almost non-existent and full of craters. The fish ponds are always good for a visit according to double trouble!

Inca is also known as 'Loopy Lou' as she is really silly sometimes and clumsy a lot as she seems to 'forget' she has really long back legs and falls over everything and stands on your feet!

We wouldn't swap Inca for anything now. Yes, she is still hard work but she is like a teenager but eager to please sometimes and will produce a sit, or a paw, or a down when trying to learn a new trick as if she is saying 'will one of these do please, please!'

Her favourite toy is her orange funny spider but she also loves this big red toy she has which has a small hole that treats come out of it she knocks it over, but it always bobs back up again and she chucks it around the house and garden for ages. Her favourite treats are chicken tops- if you haven't tried them yet then you really should! They sell them in Pets at Home, rawhide covered with dried roasted chicken skin.

Unfortunately the dogs can open the fridge and often empty it, eating everything inside it if we forget to lock it! (Yes, we had to buy a lock for it!)

Written by
Christine and Geoff Morey