Teresa first met Hugo when she was at Elderberry Kennels. She was there training MBF rescue dogs with Chaz and Hugo was trotting around in one of the pens. He was about 14 weeks old, Teresa asked Chaz if he was one of the rescue dogs, but he wasn’t he was in for residential training, but Teresa was able to do a little bit of work with him. A few weeks went by and Hugo's owner brought him to group training classes for a while, so Teresa was fortunate to see him as a puppy not knowing then what she knew later on.

Teresa had been looking for another GSD and tried a couple with her other dog Sadie, but there had been disapproval from her. Fourteen months later Chaz rang to say that Hugo was up for re-homing if Teresa was interested. So she contacted Hugo's owner and went over to see them. Teresa took Sadie and Hugo out to get acquainted and all went well. A couple of days later Teresa arranged to bring Hugo back home on Sadie's territory, when they arrived Sadie stood at the gate, tail wagging, it was as though they were long lost buddies.

Teresa was only having Hugo for a few days, on trial, so to speak, but his owner was pleased and agreed to let me keep Hugo. Within days he seemed to settle, you would have thought he had been with us all the time.

Although Hugo did not come under the care of MBF when his original owner had to rehome him, Teresa was well equipped with the experience and knowledge to deal with any problem as it occurred.