After losing my Collie aged 15 years, the house seemed so empty. No friendly face to greet me at the door, with tail wagging. When I felt the time was right, I decided to look on the Internet to see if there were any rescue kennels near to where I live.

I found 'Man's Best Friend' and they had photos of dogs that need to be re-homed. As soon as I saw Holly sitting there with her big brown puppy dog eyes, I fell in love with her. It didn't matter to me what sort of dog she was, I knew I wanted her! I rang the phone number to make a few enquiries about Holly.

It was arranged that someone would come and see me and then arrange a visit with Holly. When Holly first came, she was so excited, she ran round the house and garden. The visit went very well and another date was arranged.

After Holly and Sue had left, the house seemed empty again and I could not wait for her next visit. With each visit I learned more about Holly's past. I did have a few concerns about certain aspects of Holly's behaviour, but I talked them over with Sue and she gave me advice on how to deal with these issues. Holly came to stay for one night at the end of September and she has not returned to the kennels.

'Man's Best Friend' has been there all the way through it for me and for Holly and Sue is always available at the end of the phone if I have any concerns. We go out for walks together to keep up Holly's training.

Holly has been here now for about two months and is very much part of my family. Sue has also said that even when Holly is 'officially' mine and has been signed over, 'Man's Best Friend' will always be there for help, to give advice and offer support.

Thanks to 'Man's Best Friend', I have a companion again. They do a wonderful job. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to re-home a dog.

Written by
Carol Teasdale
(Holly's New Mum)

P.S from Sue Grace

Holly had been with Man’s Best Friend for about 2 years owing to the very specific requirements needed to ensure a successful placement for her. During this time I spent a great deal of time with Holly and inevitably got very attached to her. She was very rewarding to work with and her heel work really improved.

When Carol approached us with a view to rehoming Holly, I was delighted but daren’t get too excited, just in case things did not work out. However, what I see as a major strength in Man’s Best Friends rehoming policy, proved absolutely the best course of action once again. By taking things very slowly, offering on-going support and trying to deal with any issues very quickly, this has proved to be the very best of outcomes for Holly and for Carol. I am so pleased for both of them.