Harley, a medium sized, Bull Terrier cross, came to Man’s Best Friend in June 1998, when he was just 1 year old. He was with hiss owners for a short time, as he had been re-homed once before he came to Man’s Best Friend, his new owners found that having Harley with them, had a drastic affect on his new mum's asthma, so he had to be found a new home, yet again!

Harley was a friendly chap, but a little over-sexed, so we had him castrated, and once Harley was well, the training began, although he was desperate to please, we found him to be very sensitive, so the training went at a very gentle pace.

Harley was with us for three months, when a new home was found, and in September 1998, Harley went to his new home, with mum Caroline and dad Simon, and has settled in very well, he has not had any more problems with getting over-sexed.  Soon after moving in with his new mum and dad, Harley found chasing squirrels a wonderful sport, but after a little more training, he has settled down.

Harley and his mum and dad are attending training classes on a regular basis, and are doing really well, and mum and dad are even considering taking on another dog as a companion for Harley, well done to Harley and his mum and dad, and all the best for the future.