Fleet is a very handsome two year old black Labrador, he came into Man's Best Friend's care in summer of 2002, Fleet had to be re-homed when he continually displayed aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.  He had a course of training to deal with the problem, which worked well, although after quite a break from training, he was back to his old ways.  Fleet would charge out of the gate if it was left open, and with his previous owners living on a bad bend this was quite a worry as there were plenty of passing dogs.  The final straw was an incident with a woman walking past with a toddler in a pushchair and a dog; it could have been a disaster.

Fleet came to us here at Man's Best Friend for re-training and behavioural modification, and within a short time of Fleet being ready to meet prospective new owners, Chaz was contacted by Dave and Lesley who were interested in offering a home to a rescue dog, ideally a Labrador.  Fleet needed a home without pets and a confident handler who would keep on top of him. Dave had previous experience with gun dogs and their home was a pet free zone.

After two meetings Fleet moved into his new home, he fitted in so well, and took to the whole family.   With the right family Fleet has successfully been re-homed and is a very lucky dog.

All the best for Fleet and his new family.  Another success story for Man's Best Friend.