Dolly an 18 month old Golden Retriever came to Man's Best Friend in January 2002, due to illness in her previous family she had to be re-homed urgently. Having to leave home and owner is always traumatic for a dog, whatever the circumstances necessitating its re-homing and Dolly was no exception.

Dolly was a shy and nervous dog, and spent a couple of months going through her individual training program, aimed at improving her general obedience and more specifically her recalls.  As Dolly was very fond of children when she was ready for re-homing Jasmine (aged 10) came to mind, and there were 3 children in Jasmine's family, Dolly was gradually introduced into her prospective new home, spending the occasional afternoon, followed by overnight stays.

Dolly has been with Jasmine and the rest of her new family for three months now, and has settled in as if she had never lived anywhere else, she had a few minor difficulties, such as a fear of climbing the stairs, and getting into the car, but these have now been sorted.  Dolly is very happy in her new home, with her new future.