Billy a 5 year old crossbreed came into MBF because of his severe territorial aggression.  Crisis point came when he nipped a child and despite not causing any injury, something had to be done before a possible next time.  One thing to remember is that no dog can be considered 100% reliable around children especially once it has bitten.

Billy had a 3-week residential course with Chaz, but although his territorial responses were greatly modified, Chaz was not convinced that this behaviour would not surface again when in his home environment.  Billy came into MBF's care in October, and began his behaviour modification-training programme.  Billy stayed with Betty and John, at the farm, and as this training period is an important part of the scheme, as it provides a break in continuity between old and new homes making it easier for dogs to settle into prospective new environments once re-homed.

Matching the circumstances and requirements of those offering homes to dogs in need is tricky, Billy's problems made it a bit harder.  Several people had been interested, but Chaz felt none were right, until Terry and Nicola appeared.  The couple had recently lost a dog they had for 14 years, Ollie.  Their other dog Stan had become withdrawn and was bored without his pal.  Chaz had previously trained Stan for them, so knew that the family would cope brilliantly.

Billy went to his new home soon after meeting the whole family, because Chaz was happy that their ability to cope with the problems that could arise.  Billy has settled in beautifully and loves having a new playmate, and a new family to love and to be loved by, what a wonderful ending for the appealing chap that Billy is.