Ben, a medium sized Terrier cross, came to us at Man’s Best Friend in November 1997, when he was 10 months old, he had previously been re-homed from the R.S.P.C.A. as a puppy, and was about to be re-homed again, his family loved him very much, and even tried training classes, but Ben proved too much, and was quite a handful, he had attacked their cat, and was aggressive with a relatives dog, he would chase bikes, cars, he would also do the’ wall of death’ around the living room, when the paper boy used to deliver the newspapers, all this had a bad affect to his owners health, and, after much consideration, his owners regretfully had to let Ben go.

Ben had to undergo a rigorous training regime, due to the problems he had, we worked a lot around other dogs, and in a class situation, also Ben was sorted out around cars and bikes, this had a calming affect on Ben, and in quite a short time, we found Ben a new home.

Ben was with Man’s Best Friend for five weeks, and on 18th December 1997, we integrated Ben into his new family, and although it is a bad time to re-home dogs, Ben went to his new home for Christmas, with mum Carol, dad Warren and their daughter. Ben was trained to a crate, initially, but settled in quite well, he did not do the wall of death when someone came to the house, and was quite well behaved, but the crate is there if it is needed, Ben is just using the crate as a bed!  Ben came to the training classed for a number of weeks, and has had a number of training sessions at home, to made sure he does not revert back to old behaviour.

Ben was not an easy dog to take on, but Carol and Warren have done a superb job with Ben, all the best for the future.