I was at Alexaine Home From Home Kennels just before Christmas, and whilst we were chatting, Alex asked me about something Chaz had mentioned to her recently.  He said that I was thinking about having another dog, as Bea is now getting old and her heart is not so good, and Maya had just had her spleen removed, which left me without a dog of my own to work.

Well yes he was right, I was thinking about having another dog, just thinking! As you do! Alex asked what sort of dog was I thinking of as Chaz had said something about having a Border Collie, I said that I did like the work ethic of Border Collies, (never really thinking I would eventually get one!) she went on to say what type would you go for? I said that it would of course have to be black and white, long coated preferably, but didn’t mind if it was a dog or a bitch.

“I've got a Border Collie pup here which fits the bill, he is desperately looking for a home!” Alex announced with a big grin on her face. He is only 11 weeks old, he has had three homes already, and did I want to take a look at him because he was just lovely? Now come on Alex, stop working on me, we have three dogs already, and anyway Chaz would divorce me if I said I wanted another one!

After quite a lot of persuasion I eventually said go on then let’s have a look at him, but only a look!

Alex appeared from the kennel area door, which was just opposite me in reception, with this tiny bundle of cute black and white fluff, with gorgeous blue eyes called Spot.  There was a moment of silence, and, I think the correct term to use to describe how I felt when I saw this little bundle would be gob smacked!!! Within seconds my mind was made up, he just had to be mine. Oh! and no way was he going to be called Spot!!

Then reality kicked in, how the heck would I approach Chaz with this one? So as I had made up my mind almost instantly, out I came with it, and on Boxing Day Bear finally came to live with us. Maya thought Bear was great, Chinny wasn't impressed, Bea was not amused at all! Soon after Bear was allowed out after his vaccinations, Chinny accepted him more as part of the pack, and they are great buddies now playing and sleeping together.

Although the timing was just a bit out, as it is for quite a lot of us that take on a rescue dog, Bear is definitely the right 'Man' for the job, and as some of you who have already met him, and have already seen, he is just a wonderful chap.

How this small, adorable puppy ended up in rescue at such a tender age beats me, but he is great fun and I love having him around. I still remember Alex saying to me as I left the kennels with him, ''Kim enjoy him'' and I do, without a doubt enjoy him every single day. I am so thankful to Alex at the kennels for introducing Bear (Spot) to me. I wouldn’t be without him.

I know that not all rescue dogs are easy to take on, but you know it's so wonderful to be able to make a difference to an animal's life, to give it a warm loving permanent home, I get so much out of it, I am sure Bear does too.

I love being part of something special! Thanks to Alexiane Home from Home Kennels, and everyone involved for helping to make it possible not only for Bear, but for all the rescue dogs.