Bea was rescued by Man's Best Friend when she was 8 weeks old. Bea was destined to stay with Chaz and Kim from the outset, she was operated on at 5 weeks old for a damaged diaphragm, and all her major organs were in her chest cavity, the breeders found once they had her operated on, they then had to let her go. She had a number of problems with her recovery as the internal stitches were constantly pushing their way out and had to visit the vet regularly. Bea has a very happy, healthy outlook on life, and has recovered very well. Bea had to be spayed when she was old enough as she is unable to have puppies, due to all her internal problems.

Bea has achieved a very high standard of obedience and control, and is a ‘whizz’ at the fun Agility held at the Man's Best Friend dog training classes. Bea continues to charm everyone she meets with her happy gentle disposition, and she loves life, even though she had a difficult start from the beginning.  

Bea is living life to the full and enjoying every minute. Bea usually attends the dog training classes held by Man's Best Friend, in and around the Lincoln area. Bea’s favourite ‘haunt’ is Hartsholme Park in Lincoln, where she spends time with mum and dad, meeting people and other dogs, and exercising with the rescue dogs.

Bea’s other favourite pastime is playing with our German Shepherd dog called Blue, he is her favourite ‘toy’ and they get on really well. Well done Bea for getting through such a hard start in life!